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“The Long Run” chapter 11 commences!

“The Long Run” chapter 11 commences! published on
Valley of the Silk Sky

Yes indeed, page 96 is now ready to be placed inside your eyeballs. Read it in one of these fine locations:

If you can’t remember what the heck was going on with this story and would like to have a refresher, you can read all the pages so far (or choose a specific chapter) here.

If you prefer offline reading and would like a book collection, there are both digital and print volumes available, about which ye may learn more here.

Okay? Okay! See you again next week for MORE COMICS.

Coming Soon! The Long Run Chapter 11

Coming Soon! The Long Run Chapter 11 published on

I have officially settled on a date for the commencement of Chapter 11, and that date is January 16, 2020.


At the moment I have about a page and a half left to color, and then it all needs to be cleaned up and lettered. And no, it probably won’t take a whole month to do all that, but I don’t expect people will be paying much attention during the holidays, so no real point in rushing to get it out during a fallow time for internet content.

Also, I first started running the webcomic edition of Valley of the Silk Sky on January 14, 2015, so it seems fitting to hit as close to the 5-year anniversary as possible.

And yeah, I definitely thought I’d be done with the whole thing by now when I first began publishing this story, but life happens and things always take longer than they should. I’m also just really, really slow, ha ha.

ANYWAY. January 16. See you then!



Valley of the Silk Sky: The Long Run progress report

Valley of the Silk Sky: The Long Run progress report published on
Valley of the Silk Sky work in progress pencils

Just thought you might like to know I finished penciling Chapter 11 of The Long Run last night, so I am, in actual fact, shambling slowly towards new material.

If you want to keep apprised of developments and see work-in-progress images like this one of Hali, $1+ subscribers to my Patreon get the goods.

Now it’s on to inking and coloring. Once it’s closer to finished I’ll let you know when I expect to start posting new pages.

In the meanwhile, I’ve been posting new non-VotSS comics elsewhere, so if you’re in the market for reading material you might want to check out this autobio comic I did about going to a heavy metal show in Japan. There will be 5 pages in all, with a new page posted each day.

Anyhow, prepare yourself for the imminent arrival of Part 3 and Chapter 11!



A wee little comic: “Abrade Groom”

A wee little comic: “Abrade Groom” published on
Valley of the Silk Sky: Abrade Groom

Here’s a quick one-page comic about exfoliation:

If you yearn to know more about the wheres and whys of Daraz grooming behavior, please turn your attention to this appendix post.

This one-page VotSS comic is actually the first one I ever completed. I created this as a one-page backup story for the Fearful Hunter graphic novel, wherein several different artists offered their takes on human/monster romance. [Fearful Hunter is 18+ and not at all asexual, and VotSS is 13+ and a lot asexual, so there was a bit of a line to walk on how to present this in a way that was appropriate to both comics.]

Chronologically, this is the most recent comic, taking place several years later than the others. It is also maybe not 100% canon. I had a big burst of ideas for stories when I first started writing VotSS, but not all of those ideas are things I’ll ever actually use. And some have already been lowered into the trash. So when I did this comic, I was sort of guessing at where Hali and Razi would be at this point in their lives.

All I can tell you is that, early on, I had a big thing planned for how Razi gets that scar. Whether or not that particular storyline is still worth pursuing is a matter for another day!

“Medicine; Run” concludes!

“Medicine; Run” concludes! published on
Valley of the Silk Sky queer YA SFF comics

The final page of “Medicine;Run” is up, and may be observed in these places:

That Patreon post also has a brief discussion of palmar grasp reflex, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Anyhow, that wraps up our exciting short story adventure! If you’d like to read all of “Medicine; Run” in one handy dandy location, you can peep it online on the Valley of the Silk Sky website, or you can pick up a print copy of the minicomic edition from my Gumroad store.

I am still penciling chapter 11 of The Long Run, but I have a convention this weekend (NecronomiCon Providence), so that’s going to take priority for a bit.

Until next time,


Make good choices: read “Medicine; Run” page 14

Make good choices: read “Medicine; Run” page 14 published on

But where, Dylan? Where can we read this latest page? Why, in these very locations:

In other (possibly?) exciting news, it may interest you to learn that I finished thumbnailing Chapter 11 of The Long Run. Just in case you were wondering if I was ever going to get back to the main storyline.

Well, YES. The answer is YES. I shall indeed do that very thing.

I’ll let you know more about when you can read THAT when the penciling and the inking and the coloring and the whatnot are underway.



“Medicine; Run” page 13 calls for unrestrained panic

“Medicine; Run” page 13 calls for unrestrained panic published on

“Medicine; Run” page 13 is up, and you can read it here if you dare:

That Patreon post includes a section on protected species and poaching in the Valley, should you wish to nerd out a bit with some world-building.

Otherwise, see you in a week for the NEXT EXCITING PAGE.



Medicine; Run page 12 braces for impact

Medicine; Run page 12 braces for impact published on
Valley of the Silk Sky queer YA sci-fi and fantasy comic

I am back from SDCC, which means the web serialization of “Medicine; Run” is also back!

Page 12 may be observed here:

Since I took a week off, this is probably a good time to link to The Story So Far, should you need to get caught up or refresh your memory.

See you again next week!

Medicine; Run page 11 gets caught, and SDCC in upon us

Medicine; Run page 11 gets caught, and SDCC in upon us published on

The latest installment of Medicine; Run tried to hide, but it can be found here:

Just a heads-up to let you know I won’t be updating the comic next week, because I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con!

I’ll be at the Stacked Deck Press table L-06 in Small Press with all my books and whatnot (including copies of the new Monster Journey anthology, which features an exclusive Valley of the Silk Sky short story!).

I’ll also be on the CBLDF: Take Pride in Comics panel at noon on Friday, July 19, in room 11.

See you there!

“Medicine; Run” page 10 sneaks by

“Medicine; Run” page 10 sneaks by published on
Valley of the Silk Sky - queer YA sci-fi webcomic

Valley of the Silk Sky: “Medicine; Run” page 10 is posting on a holiday in hopes you won’t notice, and will therefore fail to devour it whole. Here are the places where you should definitely not look for it:

Also, if you’re wondering why Razi keeps looking over xer glasses like that, this public Patreon post has answers for you.

Also: have I mentioned I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con? Well, I will. You can find me with Stacked Deck Press at table L-06 in Small Press.

I’ll also be on a panel, but I don’t have all the deets yet, so I’ll post more about that later on.

Okay? Okay! See you next week.

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