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“Extraction” page 9 bravely runs away

“Extraction” page 9 bravely runs away published on

Thrill to the exciting conclusion of this ridiculous tale. The final installment is to be found here:

Which means, yes, you can now read the entire story in a single sitting. To do so, place your eyeballs here.

Also, don’t forget I’ll be participating in a virtual queer media convention March 12-14. Rainbow Space Magic Con is happening this very weekend, and will have even more queer SFF for you. Attendance is free!



“Extraction” page 2 expresses some light skepticism

“Extraction” page 2 expresses some light skepticism published on

Surely there’s no cause for concern, though. See for yourself:

I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but to recap: the Pocalo Valley is widely renowned for its advanced medical treatments for all sorts of conditions, including trans medicine. When Razi references hormone treatments, that’s what xe’s talking about.

Also, the last panel is referencing the Valley of the Silk Sky short story “Medicine; Run,” though you don’t need to have read it to follow the events in “Extraction.”



A wee little comic: “Abrade Groom”

A wee little comic: “Abrade Groom” published on
Valley of the Silk Sky: Abrade Groom

Here’s a quick one-page comic about exfoliation:

If you yearn to know more about the wheres and whys of Daraz grooming behavior, please turn your attention to this appendix post.

This one-page VotSS comic is actually the first one I ever completed. I created this as a one-page backup story for the Fearful Hunter graphic novel, wherein several different artists offered their takes on human/monster romance. [Fearful Hunter is 18+ and not at all asexual, and VotSS is 13+ and a lot asexual, so there was a bit of a line to walk on how to present this in a way that was appropriate to both comics.]

Chronologically, this is the most recent comic, taking place several years later than the others. It is also maybe not 100% canon. I had a big burst of ideas for stories when I first started writing VotSS, but not all of those ideas are things I’ll ever actually use. And some have already been lowered into the trash. So when I did this comic, I was sort of guessing at where Hali and Razi would be at this point in their lives.

All I can tell you is that, early on, I had a big thing planned for how Razi gets that scar. Whether or not that particular storyline is still worth pursuing is a matter for another day!

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