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If you enjoy Valley of the Silk Sky, please consider showing your support, either through dollars or word-of-mouth.

Valley of the Silk Sky is offered for free online in order to make it accessible to as wide a range of people as possible. I want this comic to be easily available to queer teens who may not be able to afford to buy books or become patrons themselves. Here’s how you can help keep the comic pages coming:

Ways to Support with Dollars

Valley of the Silk Sky - support on Patreon

  • Become my Patron! Patreon is a website that allows indie creators to get financial support from fans so they can focus more time on the creative endeavors the fans wants to see. You can pledge however much you’d like, but even a dollar a month makes a difference.
  • Tip on Ko-Fi! Ko-Fi lets you make a one-time donation, processed via PayPal, to show your love to your favorite creators.
  • Buy books! Get some VotSS book collections for yourself or for a friend.

Ways to Support for Free

Even if you have no dollars to spare, you can help support this comic by sharing it with your friends. Use the social buttons in the sidebar to post to social media (or just copy & paste the URL the old fashioned way). Tell ‘em why you like it and why you think they should be reading it.

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