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Valley of the Silk Sky

Queer YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy Comics

Valley of the Silk Sky is a queer YA sci-fi comic intended for ages 13 and up. Follow the adventures of a crew of queer and trans scientists as they attempt to discover new medicinals, find lost artifacts, and generally try to avoid being eaten by the more dangerous denizens of the Valley.

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Valley of the Silk Sky - webcomics


This section features all the Valley of the Silk Sky comics that are available to read online, including The Long Run.

Valley of the Silk Sky - digital and print books


Prefer to read offline? This section can hook you up with print and digital editions of the comics. You’ll also find links to anthologies that feature Valley of the Silk Sky short stories.

Valley of the Silk Sky - appendices


If you want to nerd out on the finer details of Valley of the Silk Sky, this is the place for you! These appendix pages describe some of the world-building behind the comic, organized by topic for easy reference.

Valley of the Silk Sky - characters


Keep track of who’s who with these handy character bios.

Valley of the Silk Sky - Extras


This section features art relevant to Valley of the Silk Sky: concept sketches, character portraits, illustrations, and so forth, as well as commentary about the artistic process involved in making each one.


Further info about the comic, and artist bio for creator Dylan Edwards.


In case you need to drop me a line.

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