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Valley of the Silk Sky - appendices

If you want to nerd out on the finer details of Valley of the Silk Sky, this is the place for you! These appendix pages describe some of the world-building behind the comic, organized by topic for easy reference.

NOTE: Some of these articles may contain story spoilers. If you want to avoid spoilers, make sure to read all the available comic pages first before diving into the appendices.

[This page is a work in progress, and will grow as I add more posts on these topics.]






Flora and Fauna







The Provinces of Pocalo

  • Ondu – The first and lowest province, much of it submerged. Also includes the bay, so a person who says they’re from Ondu usually actually means they’re from the docklands.
  • Eradu – The second province, which includes many partially-submerged areas. Known colloquially as The Swamp. Old, abandoned cities have been converted into catacombs. Most of the red cities are considered to be part of Eradu. Very few people live in this province on a permanent basis.
  • Muru – The third province, and the last that comes into direct contact with the ground. A major source of rare medicinal plants that have proven difficult to domesticate or cultivate.
  • Nalku – The fourth province, home to most of the runner’s academies. Also a major farming and ranching seat.
  • Aidu – The fifth province, the second-most populated, with a mix of large cities, industry, farming, and ranching.
  • Aru – The sixth province, the most populated, and the seat of the Pocali national government.
  • Elu – The seventh and topmost province. Elu has a small permanent population, as the high altitude, cold, and sparse vegetation make for a challenging life. Snowmelt from Elu provides much of the fresh water for the upper provinces.

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