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Valley of the Silk Sky

Abrade Groom

Abrade Groom published on

This one-page VotSS comic is actually the first one I ever completed. I created this as a one-page backup story for the Fearful Hunter graphic novel, wherein several different artists offered their takes on human/monster romance. [Fearful Hunter is 18+ and not at all asexual, and VotSS is 13+ and a lot asexual, so there was a bit of a line to walk on how to present this in a way that was appropriate to both comics.]

Chronologically, this is the most recent comic, taking place several years later than the others. It is also maybe not 100% canon. I had a big burst of ideas for stories when I first started writing VotSS, but not all of those ideas are things I’ll ever actually use. And some have already been lowered into the trash. So when I did this comic, I was sort of guessing at where Hali and Razi would be at this point in their lives.

All I can tell you is that, early on, I had a big thing planned for how Razi gets that scar. Whether or not that particular storyline is still worth pursuing is a matter for another day!

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