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The Long Run page 101 is lots of fun

The Long Run page 101 is lots of fun published on

I mean it, really! Just take a look here:

I talk about some of the thought process behind this pageĀ over my my Patreon, should such a thing be of interest to you.

TL;DR, characters are squirrelly creatures, and often the only way I can pin them down is by drawing them and actually seeing with my own eyes what they’re all about.

Speaking of which, I was going to work on the thumbnails for chapter 12, but it has two new characters in it, and I had to figure out what they looked like. The act of drawing them caused me to learn a bunch of stuff about them that changed aspects of the script, so it’s a good thing I didn’t thumbnail yet, y’see?

ANYWAY. See you next week for more of Chapter 11!



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