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“Medicine; Run” concludes!

“Medicine; Run” concludes! published on
Valley of the Silk Sky queer YA SFF comics

The final page of “Medicine;Run” is up, and may be observed in these places:

That Patreon post also has a brief discussion of palmar grasp reflex, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Anyhow, that wraps up our exciting short story adventure! If you’d like to read all of “Medicine; Run” in one handy dandy location, you can peep it online on the Valley of the Silk Sky website, or you can pick up a print copy of the minicomic edition from my Gumroad store.

I am still penciling chapter 11 of The Long Run, but I have a convention this weekend (NecronomiCon Providence), so that’s going to take priority for a bit.

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