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Coming Soon: “Extraction”

Coming Soon: “Extraction” published on

Sorry for the long radio silence (you can just blame 2020 in general), but I will be posting new Valley of the Silk Sky comics soon!

I’m currently finishing up the colors on “Extraction,” a VotSS short story that originally appeared in black & white in the Monster Journey anthology a couple of years ago.

Now that the rights have reverted, I’ve been working on colorizing my original b&w art and prepping the comic for dispersal upon the web. I’m just about done with the pages (a few minor edits left), so I’m gonna start running the story next week. $1+ Patrons will see new pages on Mondays, starting January 11, while the general public will get ’em on Thursdays, starting on January 14.

So! See you next week!



Medicine; Run page 11 gets caught, and SDCC in upon us

Medicine; Run page 11 gets caught, and SDCC in upon us published on

The latest installment of Medicine; Run tried to hide, but it can be found here:

Just a heads-up to let you know I won’t be updating the comic next week, because I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con!

I’ll be at the Stacked Deck Press table L-06 in Small Press with all my books and whatnot (including copies of the new Monster Journey anthology, which features an exclusive Valley of the Silk Sky short story!).

I’ll also be on the CBLDF: Take Pride in Comics panel at noon on Friday, July 19, in room 11.

See you there!

“Medicine; Run” page 6, Queer Author Expo, and Monster Journey

“Medicine; Run” page 6, Queer Author Expo, and Monster Journey published on

“Medicine; Run” page 6 is up, and can be observed in these locations:

If you’re in the Denver area, I’ll be at the Queer Author Expo at The Center today (June 6, 2019) from 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM. I’ll have all my Valley of the Silk Sky books and other queer comics for sale!

Speaking of books for sale, you can now get copies of the Monster Journey anthology online, either as a print volume or a digital book. I have a 9-page Valley of the Silk Sky short story in there, a brand new tale you can’t get anywhere else!

Go forth, and snag ye some queer & trans comics.

DiNK approaches! Medicine; Run Mini is almost done!

DiNK approaches! Medicine; Run Mini is almost done! published on
Valley of the Silk Sky - Medicine Run - minicomic cover

DiNK is barreling towards us at an alarming clip. I’ll be at table 372 on the third floor for all your comic purchasing needs. (Or some of your needs; presumably you’ll buy comics from other people as well.)

I will have copies of the brand new Valley of the Silk Sky minicomic: the remastered edition of “Medicine; Run” (which originally appeared in the Beyond Anthology), now in color and with several dialogue changes to make the thing more canon. For those of you unable to attend DiNK, I’ll also make the mini available for sale in my Gumroad store once it’s ready.

I am also going to be on three (3!) panels:

  • Saturday, April 13 – 12:30 PM – PLZ RT <3: What Social Media Means for Cartoonists
  • Saturday, April 13 – 3:45 PM – Worldbuilding Across All Mediums of Narrative Story Telling
  • Sunday, April 14 – 4:30 PM – Navigating & Redressing Toxic Masculinity

I will ALSO ALSO have a limited number of copies of Monster Journey, the all trans masc anthology with a brang new Valley of the Silk Sky story (“Extraction”) what has never been seen before by human eyes.

Anyhow, yes. I’ll repeat a bunch of this next week as a reminder, but PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR DINK.

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