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Coming Soon: “Extraction”

Coming Soon: “Extraction” published on

Sorry for the long radio silence (you can just blame 2020 in general), but I will be posting new Valley of the Silk Sky comics soon!

I’m currently finishing up the colors on “Extraction,” a VotSS short story that originally appeared in black & white in the Monster Journey anthology a couple of years ago.

Now that the rights have reverted, I’ve been working on colorizing my original b&w art and prepping the comic for dispersal upon the web. I’m just about done with the pages (a few minor edits left), so I’m gonna start running the story next week. $1+ Patrons will see new pages on Mondays, starting January 11, while the general public will get ’em on Thursdays, starting on January 14.

So! See you next week!



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