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Medicine; Run page 11 gets caught, and SDCC in upon us

Medicine; Run page 11 gets caught, and SDCC in upon us published on

The latest installment of Medicine; Run tried to hide, but it can be found here:

Just a heads-up to let you know I won’t be updating the comic next week, because I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con!

I’ll be at the Stacked Deck Press table L-06 in Small Press with all my books and whatnot (including copies of the new Monster Journey anthology, which features an exclusive Valley of the Silk Sky short story!).

I’ll also be on the CBLDF: Take Pride in Comics panel at noon on Friday, July 19, in room 11.

See you there!

“Medicine; Run” page 10 sneaks by

“Medicine; Run” page 10 sneaks by published on
Valley of the Silk Sky - queer YA sci-fi webcomic

Valley of the Silk Sky: “Medicine; Run” page 10 is posting on a holiday in hopes you won’t notice, and will therefore fail to devour it whole. Here are the places where you should definitely not look for it:

Also, if you’re wondering why Razi keeps looking over xer glasses like that, this public Patreon post has answers for you.

Also: have I mentioned I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con? Well, I will. You can find me with Stacked Deck Press at table L-06 in Small Press.

I’ll also be on a panel, but I don’t have all the deets yet, so I’ll post more about that later on.

Okay? Okay! See you next week.

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