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Annual Comics: Years 3-4

Annual Comics: Years 3-4 published on
Valley of the Silk Sky - Chadsen in The Swamp

Technically the four year anniversary of the Valley of the Silk Sky webcomic was January 14, but WHATEVER. Have a new annual comic to cover the last two years, since I didn’t get around to doing one for 2018. You can also see it on Patreon and Tumblr.

I used to collect SFF illustration books, like the Dungeons & Dragons collections, or work by specific illustrators like Roger Dean.

Often these were illustrations for specific things like book and record covers, adventure modules, core rule book stuff, etc. But in the illustration collections the image was removed from context, so the appeal to me was, can this one standalone piece tell a little story all on its own?

My faves were always the ones that showed the moment immediately before the shit (or the kind of gross swamp water) hits the fan. So that’s what I set out to do here.

— Dylan

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