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“Extraction” page 4 hits the ground running

“Extraction” page 4 hits the ground running published on

Is it possible Razi was wrong about the safety of this endeavor??? Find out here:

[spoilery stuff to follow, so read first, then come back here]

Why yes, the creature our protagonists are currently fleeing from is indeed based partly on the star-nosed mole. This has less to do with wanting to incorporate mole-like characteristics per se, and more to do with making a dangerous animal look extremely ridiculous. Sort of like how a hippo is a killing machine but looks like, y’know, a hippo.

The yonge (for it is called a yonge) does have some mole features, most notably the predation of tasty critters it finds underground. Oops!

Check back next week to find out if it’s snack time.



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