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The Long Run page 107 has secured the goods

The Long Run page 107 has secured the goods published on

Check out the loot:

This chapter introduces some new characters, of whomst you shall glimpse one here.  Tyv is something of a famous burglar, well-known across the Valley for deploying a dramatic flair when xe steals stuff. Hence the fan club of Bad Kids intent on making off with xer wanted poster as a souvenir.

Regarding one of the other posters in the background, imploring people to halt the spread of sweetberry bush, I just wanna say this was written pre-pandemic and is mere thematic coincidence. I’d already figured the Valley would have issues with people complying (sweetberry bush spreads because the berries are tasty, and if you’re hungry, what are you gonna do), but actually stropping the spread for real would require coordinated governmental action and can’t be left to individuals to stop. Didn’t expect that to be quite so on the nose, but here we are.

ANYWAY. The chapter continues next week!



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