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The Long Run page 103 has some choice words for you

The Long Run page 103 has some choice words for you published on

Here, have some words:

Quick reminder that “wis” is a contraction for “who is” or, more specifically, “who is good at [being a],” and that a typical Pocali name construction would be [UNIQUE PERSONAL NAME] wis [PRIMARY SKILL]. If you want more detail, this appendix post has the deets.

If you are a nerd for background details, you can find out Cobb’s primary skill (at least, as assigned by the relevant authorities) at the bottom right of the last panel on page 8. It’s not an assignment Cobb has made any particular effort to contest.

In other news, I’ve begun thumbnailing chapter 12, oh yes. It took a bit longer than I’d expected to get to the thumbnailing stage, even though the script has been pretty much ready to go for a few weeks. There are some new environments, y’see, and a couple of characters I needed to find out more about [what do you look like? what brings you to this story?], so I’ve been busy concept-arting.

And, sure enough, getting to know the characters a bit more changed the script somewhat. Now that I had a better idea of who A and B were, I could see the places where the original dialogue was no longer appropriate. I also wound up having to add a couple of pages to the chapter past what I’d originally intended.

But! Thumbnailing is now, which means pencils are soon.

And Chapter 11 continues next week regardless. See you then!



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