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Daraz Biology: Flehmen Response

Daraz Biology: Flehmen Response published on

Valley of the Silk Sky - flehmen response

The Daraz have a vomeronasal organ, located near the roof of the mouth. There’s smelling with the nose like a noob, and then there’s the flehmen response, wherein a sharp inhalation pulls air over the vomeronasal organ to allow a deeper read of a scent.

In mammals the flehmen response is typically used for sensing pheromone information from another mammal of the same species, and is related to reproductive activity.

Because the Daraz Harcos are non-reproducing members of their species, they care not about reproductive activity. Instead, given that they are the primary hunters and defenders for the Daraz, their flehmen response is used to gather other types of information: Is this something I want to eat? Is it a predator I need to avoid or fend off? Was the scent made an hour ago, or a few days ago?

All good things to know if you’re trying to track, say, a young charge who got lost in the wilderness. Just to throw a random example out there.

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